Born in Valdivia, Chile, 1974.
She has been developing her career from Chiloé Island, Chile, and from 2010 she works and exhibits in Europe, mostly in Paris.
Currently lives in Chiloé Island, Chile.

1993-1996: BA in Art, Major in Painting, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile.

Anelys is the daughter of interculturality that characterizes the northern areas of Chiloé Archipelago. Her mother hailed from Quinchao: Island in the archipelago’s inner sea, from where, during her time as a student, she would go out in horseback, boat, and then in train to reach Ancud’s Normal School, where she was trained as an elementary school teacher. Her father, descendant of German settlers, dedicated to agriculture and commerce. In Anelys’ paternal home in Ancud, Chiloé is spoken and felt: the rain through the window, the warmth of the fire in the wood stove. Between the years 1999 and 2008, Anelys Wolf collaborates professionally from photography, design, pedagogy and management with numerous cultural institutions from Chiloé.

                During this period she roams through the archipelago, by land and sea, discovering the deep Chiloé: agriculture, fishing, traditional crafts, natural resources, photographic and architectonic patrimony, education, and, of course, the contact with its people and their particular mythical thought, still in force. These experiences have been recorded without going directly into her artistic work until recently. This current necessity of explaining her native land through her painting, surges after plenty and long periods of travel and exhibits the artist did in Europe, which started thanks to the realization of a residence in the south of France, where she painted film scenes from 3 Chilean filmmakers, in 2008.

                 With this oeuvre she was invited to exhibit in the context of the Latin-American Film Festival in Toulouse, and then, in between years 2009 and 2012, she exhibits in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca, Vienna, and, principally, Paris, where the she is a permanent artist in the art gallery Les Singuliers. Under the wing of this gallery, she lives and actively participates in the Parisian contemporary art movement. 

From 2012 she paints uninterruptedly from Chiloé, where she reflects around local identity and the significance of belonging to a small society: their aspirational games, and their dreams of liberty and diversity, in societies that lean toward a uniformity of expression. 


2000 “Del Plástico a la carne” (From plastic to flesh). Sala Las Columnas, Ancud, Chiloé, Chile
2004 “Vestuario” (Clothing). Hall Central, Santiago, Chile.
2005 “Lo normal – Lo Particular” (The Normal, and the Unique). Sala RAS, Valdivia, Chile.
2006 “Actitudes Cotidianas” (Daily Attitudes). Sala Challanco, Regional Museum of Ancud, Chile.
2007 “Vacaciones en Chiloé” (Holidays in Chiloé). Exhibition Hall, Public Library, Achao, Chiloé. Chile
2008 “Actitudes Cotidianas” (Daily Attitudes), Salón Tudor, Santiago, Chile.
2010 “Relaciones Secretas” , (Secrets Relations), Galerie Lemniscate, Les rencontres du cinéma d’Amérique Latine, Toulouse, France.
2010 “Relaciones Secretas”, (Secrets Relations), Casa de América Latina, Lisbonne, Portugal.
2010 «Relaciones Secretas», (Secrets Relations), Galería Centro, Talca, Chile
2010 «Relaciones Secretas», (Secrets Relations), Museo Philippi, Festival Internacional de Cine de Valdivia, Valdivia, Chile
2011″Secrètes Relations», (Secrets Relations), Galerie «Les Singuliers», Paris, France
2011 «10/10», Atelier d’ Isidore Krapo, Bordeaux, France
2012 «Relaciones Secretas», (Geheime Beziehungen), Galerie Michaela Stock,  Vienna,  Austria
2012 «Ese vestido verde», (That green dress), KulturRaum Neruda, Vienna,  Austria
2014 “Álbum de Provincia” (Album of the province), Corporación Cultural de Puerto Montt, Chile
2015 “Glamour Chileno” (Chilean Glamor), Parque Cultural de Valparaíso, Valparaíso, Chile.
2015 «Rural glamor» , Rats9 gallery, Montreal (Quebec), Canada
2017 «Tables and heritage», Sarah Walker Gallery, Casteltownbere, West Cork, Ireland
2018 «Las historias de amor no terminan bien, en general» (Love stories don’t end well, in general), Colegio de Arquitectos, Santiago, Chile
2019 «Sinopsis» (Synopsis), Espacio O, Santiago, Chile
2022 “Do you know what it feels like for a girl ”, pinturas desde el cine chileno de Raul Ruiz, Judas galería, Valparaíso, Chile
2022 “Arquitectura del mar”, Galería Modulor, Castro Chiloé
2023 “Pintura y Cine”, Galerie Frederic Roulette, París, Francia


2000, 2001, 2003 “Muestra de Artistas Residentes en Chiloé” (Exhibition of Artists Residing in Chiloé)- Museum of Modern Art, Castro, Chiloé, Chile
2004 Exhibition of Works selected in the “Arte y Poesía joven” contest (Young art and poetry), Sala El Farol, Valparaiso, Chile
2004 “CONDOROS/MISTAKES” 24/7 Gallery, London, UK
2004 “Challanco” Regional Museum of Ancud, Chile
2005 “Colectiva Sur” (Southern Collective) Regional Museum of Ancud, Chile
2007 “Salón Regional de Artes Visuales” (Regional Salon of Visual Arts), Regional Government Office, Lake Region, Puerto Montt, Chile
2010 «Zarpataedo», Artists of the Galery Les Singuliers, Musée du Montparnasse, Paris, France
2010 «Passerelles», Chilean peinters, Maison du Chili, Paris, France
2011 “Colectiva de Invierno” galería Modulor, Castro, Chiloé, Chile
2012 “Pinturas recientes”,  “Kaleuxe” Galery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
2012 “Retratos y autorretratos”, International film festival of Valdivia, Chile
2012 “Desde el collage”, «Modulor» art Gallery, Castro, Chiloé, Chile
2013 “2º Salón de Arte Sur-Austral SURMUNDO”,  Centro Cultural Diego Rivera, Puerto Montt, Chile
2013 “2º Salón de Arte Sur-Austral SURMUNDO”,  Balmaceda Arte Joven, Concepción, Chile
2013 «Mirada y realidad», (Look and reality), Modulor art Gallery, Castro, Chiloé. Chile
2013 “Paisaje y glamour”, (Landscape and glamor), Factoría de arte Santa Rosa, Santiago, Chile
2015 «Love and Rage», M.A.I. Gallery,  Montreal (Quebec), Canada.
2017  FOTOMAM, «Mesas y jerarquía» (Tables and heritage), Museum of Modern Art, Castro, Chiloé, Chile.
2022 “Politics Facts”, Feria Chaco, con Judas Galería, Santiago, Chile
2022 «Chili 50 ans» PCF, Villejuif, Paris, France



2015 Artistalk at Articule gallery, «Rural Glamor from a very Southern América»,   Montréal (Québec), Canada.
2017″Lateinamerika Herbst 2017″, she introduces her two current lines of work: «Malen auf Grund von Photoarchiven»and «Kronen von Chiloé», Instituto Cervantes Hamburg, Germany.
2019 «El cine temprano de Raul Ruiz» (Raul Ruiz’s early cinema), Espacio O, Santiago, Chile.



2005 Financing of National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile, line creation of work: Actitudes Cotidianas (Daily attitudes)
2009 Artist Residence “Le Parc”, Pampelonne, France, financed by the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile
2013 «2º Salón de Arte Sur-Austral SURMUNDO», Los Lagos district, Chile
2015 Fondart «Ventanilla abierta», for exhibitions in Montreal, Canada, financed by the National Council of Culture and Arts of Chile